The rumors of my having twins have not at all been exaggerated.

Wow.  (I'll tell you why I say wow in a minute.)

First of all, I've been gone for a while.  Let me start by giving you excuses.  Two of them.  Here are pictures.

They are not so cute from the back, but the twins in my wife's belly, plus the two kiddos running around the house have made this blog not-a-priority.  I have still been trying new things out, however, and taking notes.  I just haven't written them up.

Well, I am now motivated to catch up.  Here I'll tell you why I said "wow."

The new blogger system made it super easy to look at my traffic.  And guess what, I've had over 3,100 hits over the life of this blog.  A huge hit in the blogosphere?  No.  Was I surprised that anyone else other than myself has been looking at this?  Yes.

More drinks to come, stay tuned!

(Blurry photo so you might be surprised about what's coming up.... yeah, that's why...)