Kristian Regále Sparkling Lingonberry

My Experience:

Same great carbonation as always from kristian regale. Red raspberry color, but almost with a touch of orange, and smells very different from any other juice I've had, must be the lingonberry, and I can get just a touch of the apple, a bit of a tart smell. A bit of a musky, dusty rose scent. It's a bit more strongly carbonated on the tongue, the fizz completely evaporates. Only a hit of the apple gets through the very powerful lingonberry. As typical, it's not as sweet as most juices, but also has a slightly bitter finish, and medium acidity. It had some noticeable dregs at the end.

As for paring I'd drink it with something that you'd normally have with a fruity drink, maybe mexican food like fajitas or burritos.

Works as a Wine Alternative: I think with the right paring, yeah.

Did I Like it: Not as much as Kristian Regále's Pomegranate offering, but it's still a unique drink worth trying. 6/10

Would I Recommend it: Yep!

Who Might Like it: In terms of acidity, its a lot like raspberry juice, though the taste itself is different.

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