Ikea & an Old Favorite

A while back we tried out something by Kristian Regále, Sparkling Pomegranate-Apple and I loved it. We actually found it at Walmart, and we recently went back to get more, but when we went down the juice aisle, there was a huge empty section where the Pomegranate had been, with only the plain ol' apple, as well as peach. While those were good, the Pomegranate had a particularly unique flavor. I hoped they were just out of stock, but now it's been a couple of months since I've seen it there. I gave up hope of finding a local source for the stuff.

Skip ahead a few weeks. We were buying one of our little ones a new mattress at Ikea, and after we checked out we found three huge stacks of bottles. Low and behold, they were all Kristian Regále! They had Pomegranate, Peach, Pear and, of course, Lingonberry. I bought one of each, expect new posts soon!

P.S. I think we'll be going back again soon, I'll make sure to snap a picture next time.

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