What's Out There, and Where to Buy

This is very simply a list of every supplier or manufacturer I have found so far, and of course I'll update this list as I find new wine alternatives. An (s) means they are a supplier, an (m) means they are a manufacturer, and (w) means a winery. I make the distinction because many of the juice manufacturers I've found that have websites do not sell their products directly on their websites, but most wineries I've found do sell their product on their own website. So an (m) means they don't sell it on their site, but a (w) means they do. An (f) means it's foreign, or outside of the United States - important when considering shipping.

Alcohol Removed Wines:
Ariel (w) - Perhaps the most well known in the States. Brute Cuvée, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rouge
Sutter Home's Fre Wines (w) - White Zinfandel, Chardonay, Brut, Spumante, Merlot, Premium Red, Premium White
Carl Jung (f)(w) - I've heard a few good reviews of Carl Jung stuff. White, Red, Rosé, Merlot, Riesling, Sparkling White, Sparkling Peach. (canada/usa order form- usa website) (I finally found a US distributor!)
Vandalia Wine (w) - Cabernet Souvignon
Eisberg (alternate site) (m)(f) - Riesling, Chardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling White, Sparkling Rose
Fine Wine House (s) - A selection of Ariels and Fres, as well as an Inglenook St. Regis Brut Champagne
AlcoholFree (s)(f) - UK based, a large selection of european dealcoholized wines, including Weinkonig, Bonne Nouvelle, and the Carl Jung wines I've been dying to try.
The Lono Club (s)(f) - Another UK based company, they have products from a wide variety of manufacturers, and even some varietal grape juice based wine alternatives!
Wine Without Alcohol (w)(f) - Not sure where they are from, but have some stuff I've never heard of.
Barimba / nonalcwines.com.au (w)(s)(f) - You Aussies are in luck! This place not only makes their own dealcoholized wine, they also sell many other types of non-alcoholic wines.
Total Wine (s) - I don't plan on listing every shop that carries alcohol removed wines, but Total Wine seems worth mentioning since they seem to be growing and present all over the US. Carries Ariel, Fre, and Martinelli's.
Peerless-Specialties (s) - They have some wine alternatives I haven't heard of before, but most importantly they carry Carl Jung!
"Tinto" - a random dealcholized spanish wine I found.
Élivo (m) (f) - website is in spanish, a new spanish dealcoholized wine.
Winezero - a new Italia dealcoholized wine - link is to a mini-review.

Varietal Grape Juices:
Sweet Water Cellars (s) - The mother of all Varietal Grape Juice suppliers. They have tons of products, more than any other I've run across. They even have Juice of the Month clubs! Watch shipping, though (as always) and make sure to look at their chart to minimize costs.
Navarro Vineyards (w) - Gewüztraminer, Pinot Noir, Verjus
First Blush (m) - Aimed at kids as gourmet grape juice. Cabernet, Chardonay, Syrah, and Merlot.
Draper Valley Vineyard (w) - I've recently tried these and was very pleased! Click the varieties for to see the "reviews" - Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Early Muscat, Gewurtztraminer
Regina Grape Juice / Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo (m) - Not too specific, but it looks like they make a lot of varieties. A lot of info about varietal grapes and juices on their site.
JuiceDevine (m)(f) - UK Based (sensing a pattern...) Red, White, White & Mango, Red & Raspberry
RedLand Juice (w) - Chardonnay & Merlot, along with a few other alternatives like Concord and Sparkling Peach & Wildberry.

Pure Juices, and Other Wine Alternatives:
EGA (m)(f) - New Zealand based, just sells (the promising) EGA. It's part varietal grape juices, part pomegranate, and part rooibos.
Shloer (m)(f) - UK based, sparkling juices, include red, white and rose grape juices.
Amé (m)(f) - As far as I can tell, BritVic is a company related to PepsiCo, and owns the brand Amé, which is a sparkling juice marketed towards adults. Looks good! Good luck finding it on this side of the pond.
MonaVie (m) - Açai Berry blends, MonaVie Original, Active, and Pulse.
Wine Country Soda (m) - Varietal Grape Juice Sodas - Chardonnay, Pino Noir, Rosé
Martinelli's (w)- Perhaps most popular and best known sparkling wine alternative. In addition to their many flavors of sparkling cider, they also carry a few premium still juices. I want to try Apple-Pomegranate, Apple-Pear, and Apple-Cherry.
Trader Joe's (w)(s) - I found a few interesting things under the store's brand. Sparkling Cranberry, Apple, Blueberry and Pomegranate Juice. Also lots of still juices, like "Just Cherry" and "Just Pomegrante" juices, as well as many blended juices. They carry a lot of other possible wine alternatives as well.
Pom Wonderful (m) - I read many people mixing pomegranate juice with sparkling water to substitute wine. Pom is a very well known maker of pomegranate juice.
R.W. Knudsen (m) - Like Martinelli's they have several sparkling juices, however their focus seems on still juices and they have a much larger line up of those. Just a few of their items-- Sparkling: Cherry, Grape, Pear and Strawberry. Still: Just Black Cherry, Just Pomegranate, Just Concord Grape, Just Tart Cherry, Just Black Currant, Açaí, Goji, and Yumberry.
Biotta Juices (m) - Some very interesting juices. They have something called Breuss Vegetable Juice that says it's fermented, yet 0% alcoholic (mostly contains sweeter vegetables.) I'm also interested in their Elderberry. Woah, they have Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) Juice (!?)
Sprouts (s) - They carry a bunch of juices, including R.W. Knudsen and Biotta, as well as Fre.
Kristian Regale (w) - Sparkling juices, available in 7 flavors, Apple, Pear, Lingonberry-Apple, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate-Apple, and Black Currant. These are very good, and less sweet than most juices (at least we had a great experience with the Pomegranate-Apple) Some of these I've found at Walmart, and recently I found some at Ikea.
Northland Juices - All Dark fruits, all the time. Pure and mixed juices including cranberry, pomegranate, blueberry and cherry.
Effervé - They make a bunch of (fantastic!) sparkling drinks. I have one "review" up now.
Eurobubbles - What is this? I haven't tried it yet.

Some New stuff I've found
Dry Soda - Just what it sounds like!
GUS Soda - Stands for "Grown Up Soda"

Confused by any of the terms above? Don't know your Chardonnay from your White Zinfandel? Neither did I... Up next, vocabulary.


PaleoAutoimmune said...

I am looking for alcohol free and non fermented wine alternatives for autoimmune condition. I see Draper Valley sells some. Are there others out there too?

Dusey said...

Everything under "Varietal Grape Juices" and "Pure Juices, and Other Wine Alternatives" should fit the bill, though I've only tried a fraction of what's listed here. My favorites so far are Draper Valley Vineyards and Kristian Regale (for sparkling.) They are both sweet compared to wine, but I found them enjoyable and not overwhelmingly sweet.

I would definitely check out Sweet Water Cellars to find more. I am going to subscribe to their juice of the month club at some point and try a bunch of their stuff out.

If you try anything new, write up a review and send it to me, and I'll post it!

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