Tasting Experiences vs Reviews

I'd love to be able to give tons of reviews of all these different drinks, but I have a few problems with that.

First of all, I hardly feel qualified to offer any sort of defnitive or objective advice. Not only am I just embarking on this wne alternative journey, I am also inexperienced with wine in general. It'd be misleading call my opinion on a drink a review, as if I've tasted hundreds of drinks I'd consider a "culinary beverage."

Secondly, I strongly believe that different people have the right to like different tastes! Not only that, but our unique history and biology more than likely affect what we actually taste, even two people drinking the same thing may literally taste something different, and will likely have a different opinion on the matter. My history comes never having tasted traditional, alcholic wine, and surely this will effect my point of view.

I do, however, want to share with all of you what I've tasted. I am hoping as I go tasting all these alternatives, I can share with you a few things.

What I tasted, smelt and experienced in general.
My opinion of the drink's status as a wine alternative.
Did I like it?
Would I recommend it?
Who might like it, and under what circumstances.

So while I hesitate calling these reviews, I'm hoping to provide what I've decided to call "Tasting Experiences."

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