Kristian Regále Sparkling Pear

My Experience:

This will be short one, as most of Kristian Regále stuff is (delightfully!) similar.

After finding a hidden cache of Kristian Regále we've been pounding through them, and I actually went back get another set!

My wife made "My Dream Greek Pasta" (which was quite yummy) when we decided to try this. The color is similar to a light apple juice or some of the more translucent Chardonnays we've tried, with small bubbles just slowly trickling up. I noted both pear and apple on the nose.

My first impression was positive. The pear taste is not as strong as the RW Knudsen's sparkling pear, and the carbonation is on par with the other Kristian Regále drinks I've tried, though it's a bit more mild than the Pomegranate, and much more mild than the Lingonberry. It's light bodied and the citrus acid gives it just a tiny acidic kick. Comparing only the taste, and not the carbonation, it's terribly dissimilar from Martinelli's.

The mild, yet pleasant taste makes this easy to pair with. It'd go with many, many different foods, though especially with cold, light foods, like salads, pitas and hummus, or cheeses.

Works as a Wine Alternative: Yes

Did I Like it: Yes, 7 out of 10. It will be a regular (or table drink) in our house now.

Would I Recommend it: Yes, same as all the Kristian Regále stuff.

Who Might Like it: If you like to try new Sodas, you'd like to try this. It's light and refreshing, it's not overwhelming, and it's easy to pair with, all of which makes it a great introduction to something beyond your typical lunch-time juice.

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