Carl Jung Riesling

(Photo of White Wine, not Riesling)

Continuing on with Carl Jung, we will consider the collective unconcious.  Oh, sorry, wrong topic.  Though, I wonder what would happen if we discussed Carl Jung while drinking Carl Jung?  Sounds cannibalistic.  On that lovely note...

My Experience:

It's very translucent, and has just the slightest amber tinge to it.  The scent isn't far from the de-alcholized chardonnays I've tried.  I couldn't make out much more than whatever was left from the fermentation, which left a small touch of carbonation.  The first taste to hit me was strongly sour and tangy, only slightly acidic, and crisp.  

I can see how it relates to the Riesling from Draper Valley vineyards, more dry.  It certainly made what we were eating it with seem sweeter.  (Homemade enchiladas)  It worked fairly well.  The bitter tang got milder after a few sips, and it seemed to lighten as I got through the glass.  A vaguely grapefuity taste.  It's light bodied.

Works as a Wine Alternative: Yes, though I (personally, probably because of my inexperience) struggled to guess what i'd pair it with.

Did I Like it: It was alright.  It didn't jump out at me.  5/10

Would I Recommend it: It was nice to get a contrast from the two major de-alch brands.

Who Might Like it: It is much drier than juices, and I think this one is more about what you'd pair it with.

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